Affiliate Marketing Concept

Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – What You Need to Learn

Affiliate Marketing ProcessThere seems to be some misconception that affiliate marketing is only for the ‘techy’ and experienced online marketers, when in fact these people started from the bottom themselves. Many people ask me if beginners can do this and I always tell them yes and that they just need to learn how to do it.

It all starts from getting the RIGHT training! Every successful affiliate entrepreneur received training and they still learn to outdo their competitors. There are training platforms teaching people who have absolutely no experience coming from all types of backgrounds from wanting to be their own boss, stay at home parents, laid off and want to create passive income and so on.

I was unemployed at the time and tired of traveling back and forth working for corporations as safety for construction and oil patch when I started looking online for other income ways. I had absolutely no knowledge of what affiliate marketing even meant.

I wrote this to give you some exciting information of what you will learn in the hope you will venture out and get some FREE training which is how I started in this industry.

The Simple Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process in which individuals and companies earn commissions by promoting products and services of brand name companies. You find a product(s) you are passionate about, promote it and earn commissions.

The Beauty of Being an Affiliate Entrepreneur

Why would you really want to do this? I have 10 AWESOME  reasons why you want this.

1. No Inventory: You can have an affiliate business in your small 1 bedroom condo and sell large products.

2. No Products to Develop: You don’t need to spend time or huge amounts of money making stuff to sell.

3. Do at Home or While You Travel: You can do your business anywhere you like. For example, you can be at home, when you’re sitting at the airport, or on vacation to respond back to a reader’s question.

4. Earn 24/7 While You Sleep: This is what we all dream of having.  There are billions of people all over the merry-go-round world on the internet buying stuff.  Other businesses shut their doors at a certain time and make no sales. You on the other hand, can make money any time. You are your own boss!

5. Low Cost Set Up: The only thing you need for your business is a computer, internet and a desk.

6. Thousands of Products/Services to Sell: Pretty much everything is sold on the internet. There are lots of affiliate programs who have thousands of different products to choose from, for example, everyone has heard of Amazon. Did you know according to eCommerce, Amazon made 178 billion dollars of sales in 2017? Wouldn’t you want a piece of that?

7. No Wrapping/Shipping of Products: You have no packing materials or custom documents to look after because your merchant looks after it all.

8. No Consumer Complaints: You don’t need to listen to concerns or complaints all you have to do is get the sale. Your merchant will look after that department.

9. Earn Great Income: Your only limitation to earning great income is by the amount of effort you put in. Getting the proper training to get your website seen on Google’s first page is your next step.

10. Perfect for Beginners Thru Right Training: There are some free training affiliate programs you can get. Being in the right training platform means everything you need to learn to get your readers to find you on Google’s first page.


Getting Started Has Never Been So Easy

Niche Targeted Audience

The basic understanding of affiliate marketing is really not complicated and it involves doing the following:


1. Begins With Your Passion (Your Niche)

The first thing you need to do is choose a niche.

A niche is an “audience” of a distinct market segment. The niche starts with your passion.

Many of you have things you are passionate about doing. You like to talk about it to your friends and family. It could be a hobby, or an interest, even something you have always wanted to learn about.

As you think about your niche, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you make money on it? – “yes”
  • Can you get bored of doing it? – “no”
  • Who can you promote the products/services to? (your targeted audience)
  • What problems does your audience have?
  • How can you help your audience with your product and or service?

Some things you need to understand when choosing your niche:

  1. Your main goal is to help your audience solve their needs.
  2. You are going to promote your products/services on it.
  3. You will be writing lots of content on it.
  4. You are going to be engaging with your audience.
  5. Do not be disappointed if you “think” you have the wrong niche. Many affiliate marketers have more than one niche affiliate business. 

2. Find a Product/Service

Now that you have a niche, that is, you know who your audience is, the next thing to do is find the products and or services that will help them. You want to sell these thru an affiliate program. In other words,

  • Decide the products and or services you want to promote.
  • Determine the merchant(s).

Let’s say for example, your audience is people who want to lose their belly fat, your products/services can be anything related to losing belly fat.

There are lots of places to go to look for affiliate programs and products to join and you certainly would want to know what your commissions are on them. The way I do this is:

To look for affiliate programs for belly fat, enter the following words into Google’s search browser “weight loss + affiliate” and you will see some of the search results in the image below listing the weight loss affiliate programs.


Weight Loss Affiliate Program


This is the way I find affiliate programs (merchant) when looking for products and services to promote and get information on their commission structure.


3. Building a Website Has Never Been So EASY!

Now that you have an audience and have products and or services you know are going to make good money, your next step is to build a website. Most people think this is really scary when I tell them they need to build their website lol… it’s not scary at all, in fact it’s a lot of fun and VERY EASY to do.

Your website is your foundation. It’s your real estate part of your business and so you want to brand it so people will remember who you are and what your site is about. Your traffic will come into your site and leave. You write interesting and helpful content promoting your products and services to them in your site. Building trust by growing your brand within the industry will generate lots of traffic and create great conversions.

Near the end of this article, I’ll show you just how quick and easy it is to build your own website in less than minute.

The normal procedures to build your website are:

  • Select a website building platform (most popular WordPress and the one I use inside an affiliate program).
  • Join for free or become a Premium member right away.
  • Decide what your domain name will be (your website address with either .com, .org, .net, .info).
  • Choose an already made professionally designed theme template to customize.
  • Beautify and brand your website.

I know this sounds a bit daunting and there is a much easier way to show you if you read down a bit more!

When you join an affiliate program, you will be given an affiliate link that identifies your website so when you make a sale promoting their products they already know who to pay the commission to.


4. Fill Your Site with Great Quality Content.

You start writing lots of relevant and conversational content (blog posts) with useful information to help your audience. Placing product or service images to help them relate and put in appropriate affiliate links that will take them to where you want them to go.

When your interested visitor clicks on the affiliate link, goes to the sales page and purchases the product, you get the commission for it.

You might want to become an affiliate for Amazon, in which case you can get their product images to put in your content, write up a review on it and place your affiliate link and BOOM, hopefully you get the sale. If not, you still get a commission even if your visitors buy something else within 24 hours.


5. Promote Your Site

The only thing you have left to do is to promote your website out to the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so your audience can see your content and make a purchase. There are excellent strategies you can learn from the right training platform.

Additional marketing strategies like social media using Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are some of the places you would want to consider sharing your content to the world.

That’s it BUT let me show you how easy it is to build your very own website. The place I do all my work is an affiliate training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I built my first website (I have more

There are only 4 steps to build your own website inside Wealthy Affiliate and they use WordPress ( the world’s most friendly user Content Management System). This will take less than a minute to do this!


Only 4 Steps To Building Your Website in Wealthy Affiliate

Step 1: Select the Kind of Website you want.

There are 2 options, the FREE website or you can OWN your own website domain. You can register your website domains directly thru Wealthy Affiliate.

If you sign up as a Starter Member and just want to try the training platform out, you can build 2 free websites which includes hosting.

If you sign up as a Premium Member you can build and host 25 free websites and create up to 25 of your own domains giving you a total of 50 websites.


Wealthy Affiliate Step 1 Choose Free Domain


You decide on the type of domain you want:

  • Free domain
  • Domain you own
  • Register your own domain

For this demonstration, let’s choose “On a free domain”


Step 2: Name Your Domain.

This is your piece of real estate.

Earlier, I mentioned to choose your niche, so now you need to give your website a name and enter it into the “domain name” field. The name you enter here needs to be relevant to your niche and it is going to be your brand. I suggest no more than five words because you want your audience to remember your site.

I entered “workbellyfatofffast” for my domain name. It will let you know if the name is available or not. If it isn’t just choose another name. (THE WORDS YOU PLACE HERE ARE NOT CHANGEABLE).


Step 3: Enter Your Website Title.


Build My Website


You should use the same domain name here, only make it legible with spaces and capital letters as this will appear at the top of your website.



Domain Name: workbellyfatofffast

Website Title: Work Belly Fat Off Fast


Step 4: Select a Design (Theme)


Designed Website Theme Templates

Next, you get to choose a design which is also referred to as a theme.

If you are a Starter Member, you are given 12 quality designed theme templates to choose from.

If you are a Premium Member, you have 2,464 designs to choose from with new themes always being introduced.

Wanna see a video of how this actually works inside Wealthy Affiliate?


Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds

So, What do You Think?

Are you ready to make a commitment? Do you want learn how to be a successful online affiliate marketer from Wealthy Affiliate and get your FREE Starter Membership AND get 10 free lessons?



Do you want to try building your own website here now? (Don’t worry it’s doesn’t ask for your email address or credit card)


If you have any questions or comments, it would be awesome to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Although I have been dabbling in the affiliate world for a bit, I still consider myself a newbie. You had some great points that made me pause and consider if I was truly utilizing the right niche. Especially the question that asked If would get bored with my niche. This struck home as I have only been seriously working on my website for about a month and I’m discovering that I’m beginning to hate what I am writing about. But I feel that I must in order to make money. To clarify I’m a creative writer and I love to just “vent” on different dialectical subjects such as politics, homosexuality, religion, etc. but in an informed way. I’m not one of those people who type furiously at others on FB comments lol. I am currently thinking of starting another website just do give myself that creative outlet. I was wondering if you have run into this too?

    1. Hello

      Yes in fact I have felt the same way, I had a site and I wasn’t enjoying what I was writing about. I actually built a different site that I was extremely passionate on and can’t stop talking about.. that site is on scuba diving. I think about diving all the time.

      There is nothing wrong with coming up with a new site with a more appropriate target audience you are more passionate about. When you love what you are doing and helping the right folks … this is what you will always want to do to and never struggle with it. I have several websites because I have other passions, this site is one of them. 

      I see you have lots of areas you are an authority on… you can have more than one site but make sure you can look after them and keep writing lots of content. ( I suggest working on one site at a time, build it and get traffic in before creating another site.)

      Thanks for reading and I wish you the very best!

  2. Great post you have got here and quite glad I came across it. Your insight into affiliate marketing is a must read and I can understand now the benefits of affiliate marketing. I especially like the part of not having to carry inventory. This is something I have always been interested in doing.

    Your four-steps to getting started is well explained and very helpful for me and wow, I clicked down at the very bottom and created my first website. Very cool, I timed myself and it took almost a minute because I was being very careful just absorbing everything.  

    Thanks for sharing and I am going to go over this with my other half… see what she thinks.

    1. Hey Richard, 

      Thank you for reading. Wow, good job creating your first website in about a minute. It took me about a minute too when I created my first site some years ago. It’s amazing how far software technology has advanced so much now… years ago it used to take days and days just to create your website.

      Lol… yes, that’s why I got into affiliate marketing… no inventory and you can earn income while you sleep.

      Let me know if you and your partner have any questions.



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