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PRODUCT NAME:  JAAXY KEYWORD TOOL – Super Powered!Jaaxy Home Page

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

FREE Starter = $0.00
PRO = $19.00 USD per month
             $199.00 USD yearly
ENTERPRISE = $49.00 USD per month
                               $499.00 USD yearly

Owners/Manufacturer: Kyle and Carson
Website: www.jaaxy.com
Who benefits using Jaaxy? FREE Starter – getting started
                                                       PRO – new websites
                                                       Enterprise – power users




Doing keyword research is absolutely vital to any online businesses who want free traffic on search engines. Not doing this, you’re only holding your breath! No traffic = no business = no profit!

I’m here to do a Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review!

There are many keyword research tools available on the internet. Which one do you choose? What kind of information should you be looking for?

When choosing keywords for your site, your articles or blogs, you need to look for 3 important criteria’s:

  • How much actual Competition is there on sites using this actual keyword?  300 websites Google pages or less is what is recommended. Less is better!
  • How much actual Traffic is generated on this keyword a month? A traffic of 100 searches is recommended, of course, the higher the number, the better!
  • Does this keyword make human sense? When you look for something on the internet, think of what words you put in the search engine that make sense.

Jaaxy is, in my opinion, the BEST, MEGA-POWERED KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL in this universe! I’m very excited to reveal
this review and show exactly what Jaaxy has to offer… are you ready?


What Jaaxy can do!

There are 3 versions:

1) FREE Trial to get started. With this you get:

  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • Fast Niche Research
  • Alphabet Soup technique (5 results)
  • Metrics to understand keyword research
  • Site Rank Analysis
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Lucrative Affiliate Program

2) PRO  (also includes everything in FREE Trial)

  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • Keyword Competition
  • Instant Competition (QSR) – manual
  • Alphabet Soup Search – 15 results
  • Domain Availability – manual
  • Multi-Tab Search – 2 tabs
  • SEO Analysis
  • Search History

3) Enterprise  (includes everything in PRO)

  • Instant Competition (QSR)
  • Alphabet Soup Search – 50 results
  • Domain Availability – instant
  • Multi-Tabbed Search – 5 tabs
  • Site Rank Analysis – 5x Speed
  • Data Sorting
  • Speed 5x

What’s your preference?  Give Jaaxy a try and see what it can do for you! Choose what best suits you here!

How easy is Jaaxy to use?

Using the right keyword will bring in traffic, generate interest on your products or services and create income. Some people believe looking for profitable keywords is difficult. This can be quite true if you end up using keyword research tools that use techy terminology with no explanation or provide you with useless information. It can also be extremely harmful if you get inaccurate results and end up using non-profitable keywords. The end result of all your hard work –  no profit!

Let me show you how quick and easy it is to find your accurate and profitable keyword using Jaaxy!

Alright, let’s begin…

First, let me explain what the colors mean in my screenshots:

  • Green – profitable keywords
  • Yellow – OK on the keywords
  • Red – don’t bother with those keywords

I have just decided to look up old age pension for a niche and just so you know I have not done a keyword research till now on this. Let’s see what we come up with!

Old Age Pension


I have a total of 25 profitable keywords (green) and I know I can rank quite easily with these in Google. The best part is, it took me not even 30 seconds for this process. Amazing! There is no way I can do this research manually that fast, it would literally take me days!  As you can see, you don’t have to be an expert… just let Jaaxy do the work for you!

Now, if you don’t believe me, click here and try it for yourself ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Experience for yourself!

Some Jaaxy Features are:

1) Interested in making money by Domain Flipping? 

This is a billion dollar business! Here in Jaaxy, you can find a domain that is a match to your exact search term.  You can snag a domain inexpensively, and quickly get it on hosting, create a quick blog, sell it for thousands of dollars … another place to make a  great profit!

You might wonder about the expenses on domain flipping, hosting is very cheap. You can even make money on the hosting package as an affiliate and make a commission as well. The process of this domain flipping can be repeatedly reproduced. You can also keep the domain for yourself and use it as your business.


2) Search Analysis

Getting information on your competitors can be highly useful. You can see their URL, meta description, word, etc.,  These are based on your exact keyword match. This can help you make improvements to your articles.

Jaaxy Search Analysis

3) Brainstorm

This automatically produces additional keywords related to your targeted keyword.


4) Site Rank

When I signed up for Jaaxy and decided to become a PRO member, I was so excited to see where my site was ranking. I think it’s something we all want to see. It gives me a lot of incentive. Yes, you can try doing it on Google, search page by page but how long will you keep ‘flipping’ pages? Here on Jaaxy, you can get an instant response. Simply type in your keyword and URL and immediately see what page you’re on with Google.


5) Quoted Search Results (QSR)

Interested in finding and analyzing how many websites actually use that same keyword? Jaaxy gives you instant and accurate true numbers of Google competition pages.  300 pages or less is what I recommend and the lower the better.


6) Traffic

You need traffic to your website or blog. Without traffic you won’t make money, you won’t get recognition for your brand and of course, no generation of leads. The numbers shown are average per month. Here, you will learn how to analyze traffic. Look for at  least 100 monthly searches, the higher, the better. Stats are average per month.


7) Keyword must make sense

When you search your keyword you need to make sure it makes human sense otherwise you’re wasting your time.  Think of it this way, what would people enter into their search engine to find you?


Interested in becoming an affiliate Marketer?


Jaaxy also has a very lucrative private Affiliate Program. To market this program, you must first become a PRO member with Jaaxy. They provide you all the necessary marketing information and tools for you to use. Their commission structure is as follows:

Monthly sales – $19.00 make $8.00 recurring commissions (average $100.00 per sale)

Yearly sales = $199.00 make $80.00 per sale

Jaaxy Affiliate Commissions

Training / Support


Support with Jaaxy is excellent, the best ever! I have never had any problems with getting support. Questions are addressed in 24 hours or less. Jaaxy’s training and support consist of:


  • Video training
  • Kyle and Carson’s Contact information
  • contacting them directly in Wealthy Affiliate through their Profile area
  • contacting any members in Wealthy Affiliate’s live chat

Kyle and Carson are also owners of Wealthy Affiliate. This is a place where hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world do their work on their online businesses. It’s a place where we learn how to create, build and maintain our websites. It’s also where I do my work, available to me 24/7!



Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

FREE Starter
PRO Membership = $19.00 USD per month
                             = $199.00 USD yearly

ENTERPRISE Membership = $49.00 USD per month
                                            = $499.00 USD yearly


After doing much searching for the best profit-making keyword research tools, I started with Jaaxy’s FREE Starter. After I used my 30 free keyword searches, I found I couldn’t do without Jaaxy so I signed up with Jaaxy’s PRO version. Best decision I ever made! As long as I have access to the internet, I can use Jaaxy anywhere on my phone because it’s web based. If I go shopping and see something I like, I can easily and quickly bring up Jaaxy, search for great keywords and keep my history.

So here’s what I recommend:

1)  If you’re new to keyword research and unsure of what it can do, I suggest going with the FREE Starter trial version. It’s limited as to what it can do but it will give you an idea of what Jaaxy can do for you. It’s a great place to start!

2) If you work on a budget and you’re a starter, then the PRO version is a great choice. The PRO has close to what the Jaaxy Enterprise offers except it doesn’t have the speed to bring up the results.

3) If you’re a ‘power user’ and you don’t like to waste time waiting for results, then the Jaaxy Enterprise is the way to go. Get instant competition results and domain availability. In addition to everything the PRO has, you will see 5x the overall speed and 5x the speed in site rank analysis.

Get your free 3 bonuses from Kyle and Carson:

1) 1,000 quality, low competition with high traffic keywords.  These have been specifically hand-picked.

2) Guide handbook on niche researching. Learn how to use Jaaxy and discover your own unique hot niches and how to achieve success.

3) Domain Industry guide book. Uncover the secrets to domain flipping with Jaaxy and easily tap into the billion dollar business. Buy them at a low price and make a profit.

Try Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool for FREE by clicking below.


Once you’re done, please leave me a comment. If you have any questions, you’re most welcome to leave it in the comment area as well!

Thank you!




  1. Jaaxy is just so amazing, who would ever believe that a tool like this could be so on point, I tried it before over and over again and I just love it. Anyone who wants to become and effective blogger and drive traffic to their site should use this tool. Jaaxy also has several options that you can choose. Jaxxy is truly the affiliate marketer tool that every affiliate marketer should have.

    1. Hi Norman, thank you for your comment! I agree..anyone wanting to drive traffic to their site should definitely use Jaaxy. Jaaxy makes it quick and easy to find the right quality keywords for our targeted audience. It’s the best keyword research tool in the world.

  2. Keyword research is critical is important when you’re trying to rank your contents favourably on Google. I must say Jaaxy is one great tool that help you to achieve that. I did try it out for a while and I must say it does give you comprehensive parameters that matters when you’re planning for your next blog post.

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thank you for your comment! Jaaxy makes everything much easier when it comes to ranking on Google! Looking for quality keywords can take a long long time without using a keyword research tool like this!

  3. Monica.

    This is a very informative article. I have just started affiliate marketing and have found keyword research to be very time consuming and you still don’t know if you have made the right choice! Jaaxy seems to take a lot of the guesswork away.

    Thank you for this post!

    1. Hi Howard,

      You’re welcome and thank you for your comment! The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is the perfect tool to help you find the right quality keyword to bring your targeted traffic in and it’s very fast so you can spend more time on building up your online business. I’m sure you will enjoy using it! Please let me know if you have any questions on using the tool.

      I wish you much success on your affiliate marketing.



  4. Hi Monica

    Jaaxy is a terrific keyword research tool, I use it daily for my affiliate marketing business. It’s very powerful, fast and the data is easy to understand.
    They have actually updated it within the last couple of months and made it even more powerful, however with the extra resources it needs, that also meant a price increase. Still, I think its one of the best marketing tools out there. Do you use any other keyword research tools?

    1. Hi Minhaj, thank you for your great comment and question. I have looked at other keyword research tools and Jaaxy Keyword Tool is still by far the best in the world in my opinion. It gives you everything you need to know and it’s the only place to get quality keywords. Jaaxy hasn’t had a price increase in years and even with all the extras it’s still underpriced. 

      The only keyword research tool I use is Jaaxy.



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