Is Chris Farrell Membership A Scam?

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Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Price: $4.95 US for first 7 days, $37 a month after that


  • Domain name ($3-10.00 a year)
  • Hosting (approx.. $7.00 a month)
  • Autoresponder (Aweber Communication) ($1.00 for 30 days then $19.00 a month thereafter)

Owner: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank:  86 out of 100 points  Legit!

Overview of the Chris Farrell Membership program

Chris Farrell Membership is a private membership program owned by Chris Farrell. His program teaches people the skills of making money on the internet.

In my opinion, this is one of the more credible programs in this industry.

Chris is definitely real, honest and is very much involved in his program. You will see him provide the training in pretty much all of his many videos and he makes it fun and easy to follow.

After you enter your profile , he gets you going with his 31 step-by-step videos (no more than 10 minutes duration) of how to make a web business using his pre-selected niche. He uses that niche to demonstrate and  build up his site using his already completed 3 pages of content and with instructions you just easily insert onto your newly created site. From there you can branch off to other areas in his program where you can pick and choose the topic you want to learn more about, for example, how to choose your own niche, etc.

Pros vs. Cons 


  • Owner is very dedicated, trusting and stands behind his product
  • Low start cost
  • Free gift ‘Online Quick Start Guide’ which comes to your email and you can download, copy, save and print
  • The support is there
  • 100% 30 day money back guarantee
  • Zero experience
  • Templates to build websites
  • Tell you it is hard work – says it took him about 6 months
  • Lots of content
  • He tells you at the beginning you can cancel membership anytime
  • Excellent for people who are newbies looking to make money online
  • Done for you ready website if you don’t have time to build your own or for people who are frustrated learning…in only a hours you can have your own website and make money
  • Chris’s phone number is available



  • No FREE trial
  • The true sense of community aspect seems to be missing…the communicating and interacting with other members does feel like it’s there…
  • Extra charges come in play later…not substantial though (domain, hosting, auto responder)
  • Not for experienced internet marketers who are already experiencing success and generating income online
  • Missing advanced content such as more specific keyword search methods


Who is this Membership for

This membership is primarily intended for someone who is new to the internet market and people who are interested in learning the basic skills of how to make money on the internet.  


What’s included in the Tools and Training

You must first become a member to get access to the 31 ‘daily’  training videos and everything else you need to know on how to get your online business going. I found the videos to be very easy to follow and Chris does a great job demonstrating how to do procedures and why they needed to be done.  You get a complete library of tutorials and downloadable products. Some additional training you receive are:

  • Create your own E-Book
  • WordPress Wealth
  • Videos made easy
  • Go To Webinar Training
  • Aweber
  • Lead Pages
  • Promoting your business in Facebook and emails

What is Chris Farrell Membership Support like

There are 3 ways to get support:

  1.  Ask the question in the forum.
  2.  Check to see if someone else has already asked the same question and see the answers
  3.  Or if you still need help you can simply submit a ticket with your question and a support team member will be in touch.
  4.  Chris also says that if you have any problems you can reach him via his direct email address which he does provide.

There seemed to be some delays in getting replies back to the members on a timely basis. On the whole, members are receiving good support.

What is the cost of Chris Farrell Membership

The membership cost is $4.95 US for the first 7 days and $37.00 a month after that. There are additional costs which is mentioned during the early part of the 31 videos for getting a Domain name of no more than $7.00 a year,  hosting is around $7.00 a month and Auto Responder (Aweber Communication) is $1.00 for 30 days and after that $19.00 a month.

My final opinion of Chris Farrell Membership

Overall I really feel the Chris Farrell Membership is a great program for newbies…people who are inexperienced in website creation and want to have an online business. Chris has put a lot of dedication and hard work into his membership program, genuinely cares for people and goes all out to provide easy step-by-step video training. He clearly does not talk like the money grabbing scammers who are just out for your money. We all know the truth that running any kind of honest business requires hard work and Chris does tell you that several times.

When listening to Chris in his videos, he speaks with clarity and absolutely makes it very simple and easy to follow his step-by-step instructions. His videos don’t take long…each lasting no longer than 10 minutes and are well organized for you.

I did find however, that I was hoping for more advanced information, for instance, something along the line of specific keyword search tools that would help me to choose more specific keywords so as not to be in conflict with my niche competitors.

The prices are quite reasonable even with the additional costs.

Finally in closing, the Chris Farrell Membership is one of the better programs especially for the new people who are inexperienced in website creation.

Final Result!!

Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Price: $4.95 US for first 7 days, $37 a month after that,


  • Domain name ($3-10.00 a year)
  • Hosting (approx.. $7.00 a month)
  • Autoresponder (Aweber Communication) ($1.00 for 30 days then 19.00 a month thereafter)

Owner: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 86 out of 100 points
Verdict:  LEGIT 

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If you have any questions or have feedback, or have any experiences with Chris Farrell Membership program then please write them below in the comment box and I will reply back to you.

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