Affiliate Tips To Successful Online Affiliate Marketing

How to Be Successful With Online Affiliate Marketing

Online MarketingEvery person in the online affiliate marketing world dream of success, but they may not have the knowledge or the ability of how to be successful.

If you look at every successful person, they have certain qualities and attributes they possess. They have certain habits, principles and truths they rigidly practise with their business.

I am an affiliate marketer myself and I have done researches on some successful affiliate marketers in the area of my affiliate support platform who have online businesses and studied what they did to achieve all their dreams of success.

13 Tips On What All Successful Affiliate Marketers Do Online

1) Desire, Love What You Are Doing

Work To Love What You Do

There is no point in promoting products and services you are not passionate about as this already sets you up for failure. If you can’t think of a niche, but have a burning desire to learn about something you are interested in and actually pursue it, you can become a great authority on it and be successful.   

When you choose your niche, it should be something you are excited about, you can’t stop talking about it. The important thing to keep in mind is that you DO NOT have to be an expert, YOU EVOLVE INTO THE EXPERT!

If your online business feels like it’s not fun, you are already not motivated enough to be successful.


2) Dream Big, Start Small

Start Small Think Big

We all have dreams and aspirations, but not everyone has taken the initiative, the power of knowledge and the act to actually make their dreams a reality.  All successful people have certain habits, principles, and authenticities to make them what they are.

We all know, Rome was not built in a day, what does this mean?

  • It takes time and much patience to create something important or do important tasks. Your work is important and if you want great results, you cannot be in a hurry.
  • Determination in your work efforts, consistency and hard work is the end result to success giving you great achievements over a long period.
  • Sometimes things don’t go the way you want it to go and so be prepared for fall backs and quickly get back up.

3) Establish Your Brand, Be Noticed

Brand Your Logo

You are the brand and you want to be noticed so that people keep coming back for more information on how you can help them. To do this, you need to stay current on your niche affiliate business so you can keep ahead of your competition.

It’s important to give unique customer experiences, give them loyalty and consistency to the quality products and services you offer. When your audience trusts you and you offer helpful information, this is how they will make a purchase and come back for more

Getting noticed means have a well-designed website and logo. On your site, you should have the following:

  • About You page with your picture and a bit of story of why you created this site and how you help your targeted audience.
  • Website that is easy to navigate.
  • Show you have authority on your niche with readable and helpful content and provide reviews.
  • Show you are familiar with your target audiences problems and have all the solutions.

4) Consistency

If you want to be great at what you do, an authority, the key is to be consistent at doing it.

Successful people strive to become great at whatever they do and they are extremely consistent and devoted at doing this. Savour every moment, every opportunity you have to work on your online business. You need to love doing this AND do it well,

This is what every successful person does.

A checklist (part of your goals) will keep you focused and undistracted from TV.


5) Goals, Plans

No Goal Just A Wish

What’s the point of having goals if they’re not followed?

Anthony Robbins defined his goals and he followed through them and went from $30,000 to $1 MILLION dollars in one year.

H.L. Hunt, the Dallas billionaire man, said there are two things that need to be done to get success. The first is to define exactly what you want (goals), the second is to determine the price you will have to pay (sacrifice) and the solution to pay for that price.

What did these 2 individuals do? They were goal-minded and followed through with them.

Some examples of written goals:

  • Number of hours you are willing to invest in your business to achieve your goals.
  • How much money would you be happy earning?
  • How much money would make you extremely happy earning?
  • Make a goal for a week, for the day and for the month.
  • Write at least 12 quality helpful articles and publish them.
  • End of each month strive to have at least 18,000 words and you can go even higher.
  • Develop a plan to promote the merchant’s products and services.
  • Make a plan to ensure you rank within the search engines
  • Strive to have a list of quality keywords – shoot for at least 50 a month,
  • Make a template for reviews
  • When you need motivation, go back and relook your goals.

These are just some of my goals.

When you need motivation, go back and relook your goals


6) Be Disciplined To Work Hard

Stop Making Excuses

‘Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it’.

Self-discipline is the ability to perform something that needs to be done on a timely basis whether you feel like doing it or not. If you have an online affiliate business then you definitely need to keep writing blog posts to promote your merchants goods and services and get Google to rank you.  No discipline to write means no Google trust and no sales so no success!

Brian Tracy talks about ‘No Excuses! The Power of Self-discipline’. If you really want to succeed in your goals, you absolutely need self-discipline. This is probably the hardest thing to achieve. Many people want to take the easy road to where they don’t have to put much effort in (the lazy ones) and they want instant results. They don’t seem to want to grasp the long-term outcomes with what they do earlier.

No discipline means failure in your online business.


7) Research, Desire to Always Learn

Always learn and research. This is how you also stay ahead of your competition and come up with new and great ideas for content writing.

The absolute key to be successful in any niche is to have productive researches that will broaden your audience. To do this, you want to break the audience down. This gives you a lot of new keywords and allows you to come up with new angles to market. The keywords can then go into your new blog posts or pages which ranks your site even higher by search engines.

Read relevant books and magazines. Anything you can get your hands on to keep learning.


8) Take Chances

Take Chances

It seems most people are afraid to take chances because they think they will fail. Failures will always run away from the fear of failing. Colonel Sanders (see below) was rejected so many times but it made him more determined to get what he wanted… success with his chicken recipe. I’m sure he was afraid at first of rejection but he kept running and nothing was going to stop him.

Successful people will make that lunge forward to face their fears head on.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you”.

In my opinion, if you don’t take her advice, you will never learn and never get ahead of your competition. You may as well shut the door to your online business. You will not be successful!


9) Never, Ever Give Up

To be successful, means never giving up even when tough times or challenges happen in your life. Always be prepared, mentally and physically and make the best of every single situation. Life is not perfect!

Colonel Sanders at age 65, in the restaurant business for 25 years was broke. All he had was his social security check of $105.00 which he received shortly after, and his secret weapon, his chicken recipe. He hit the road, lived in his car for 2 years and disappointingly rejected 1,009 times until finally a restaurant owner agreed to use his recipe. The rest is a history of success.

If you believe in something and you want it badly even through the tough times, never give up.


10) Be Organized

It’s so easy to get brain fog if you’re not organized. By writing things down on a notepad, a diary or a cell phone, you can see things clearer and record all your ideas.


11) Establish Relationships, Join Affiliate Supportive Platform

Live Chat In Wealthy Affiliate

You need to realize you can’t achieve success alone. To reach your goals,  you need the support from your family members, your friends and other people. As an affiliate marketer, it’s critical to get mentoring from an affiliate community with like-minded people who have experience, similar values, desire to help to each other so each member can learn and grow.

I get all my mentoring from the world’s best support platform 24/7 with an affiliate community called Wealthy Affiliate.

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12) Create Value, Solve Problems

When people enter a word or phrases into the search browser like Google, Yahoo and Bing, it is because they need help on something. When they find information that is useful and helpful, they are interested and this turns into a sale. The success is when you actually helped someone on the problem and fixed it.

Whatever you write about, it should be on exposing the problem and how you help to fix it.


13) Understanding the Power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization Idea

To be an affiliate marketer, you need to have a computer, internet and a website.

SEO are strategies and techniques, a set of rules that are done methodologically to optimize your website to attract more visitors by getting ranked on the first page as a result of a search. You need to be on the first page to get your visitors to read your articles so they can take action and make a purchase.


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I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments or have any stories of your affiliate marketing experiences, it would be awesome to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,


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