Getting Started

Tired of trying to find a REAL opportunity to make money online and not get scammed?  BUT, you’re here because you’re still looking….

What if I could really show you how to 

  • to be your own boss
  • work your own hours
  • make money 24/7…earn income while you sleep
  • spend more time with your family
  • travel to places you’ve never been to
  • live your dreams and have that feeling of being free

I spent a couple of years researching on the internet for the best possible way to have a business online and make it truly a success.  I checked making money doing surveys and affiliate marketing.  Surveys are doing surveys for different organizations and you get paid so much for doing them, profit is minimal and marketplace is limited whereas affiliate marketing is where you act as an intermediary between the publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs (merchant who allows the publishers to publish their products and services so the publisher takes a share of the revenue which seems to be more profitable. Not only that, there are 2.8 Billion Buyers Online and growing…


So here’s what I found was, there are companies around that say you can make lots of money instantly, pay money upfront before they share how you’re going to achieve that, or legitimate sites that offer very little training or support, too complicated and confusing, or some sites say they want your credit card first and they won’t use it until so many days have gone by, you get your website going but not getting the traffic…

“So everyone….here’s the Gold winner…..Wealthy Affiliates !!  WHY???”

 Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone….

Vision this…you’re bootstrapping a business….

  • Become a successful affiliate marketing business in just 4 Simple Steps
  •  For newbies and advanced marketers. 
  • No experience necessary
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Easy and proven up-to-date training.  They teach you how to create a long-time and successful business in the online world…give you inspiration, encouragement….
  • The most helpful and friendly support community in the world…24/7
  • No experience or technical knowledge necessary
  • No inventory
  • Best part – free lessons

“Get Rolling With $0….And get:”

  • Help & Support from me (my username is Monica)
  • Help from within a community of 10,000 + users
  • Live Chat support
  • Ongoing discussion on various topics
  • 2 Free Websites that are fully functional WordPress Sites and ready to make money online
  • Training Galore: Video Classes, Tutorials, Courses, Entire Classrooms
  • Free lessons

And all this for a big fat of $0….pretty amazing right?  You won’t get training and support as robust as this anywhere !

So, just below here is a screen capture…all you have to do is choose the ‘Starter $0 Per Month’ option and this gets you into the community….

There is also the Premium option that you might want to consider after you’ve gone into the community, looked around, and followed the free lessons. It gives you way more access…or you can jump right into it…



 You’re going to learn some very simple ways to make your business a success so you can work at home and live the life you want and feel free.

 You’re also going to learn about getting the exposure to your marketplace so your prospects can easily find you and help you make automatic sales while you sleep….pretty cool eh….

 By the time you read this – my goal is you leave feeling excited about some simple things you can do that will allow you to truly spend the quality time with your family and friends and realize your dreams can be a reality!

 And if you really love what you’ve read here and want to learn more then simply click into Wealthy Affiliate and get some free lessons which will help you get your freedom to start living your dream!

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