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How to Write a Proper Product Review That Really Stands Out – Affiliate Marketers

Recommended ProductWant better conversions, more sales? One of the important parts of a business is always doing reviews. Knowing how to write a proper product review that really stands out with factual and crucial information is very helpful to your visitors.

If your niche is about helping people to make money, often times, they don’t know what to search for. They will basically start with a broad research but soon realize they need to narrow it down to get more knowledge on the products and services they are interested in.

In this article, I will be talking about:

  • What are your visitors looking for?
  • How to write a review, the proper way.
  • Steps to doing a product review.
  • Understanding your visitors. (What Do Your Readers Want?)
  • Making a Template – Review Outline.
  • Want better conversions?

Let’s say someone recommends a certain product to make money, people may not trust it right away and need more proof, more credibility or they may want to check out a review on it to get more detailed information.

What Are Your Visitors Looking For?

What kind of searches do you think your visitors might perform in Google, Yahoo or Bing?

The ones I can think of are:

  • -is product A a scam
  • -does product A work
  • -product A review
  • -does product A work
  • -how much does product A cost
  • -is product A legit
  • -is product A worth the money
  • -is product A any good

Product A is the name of a product example. If you think of any more, you can write it down. These can be the start of your review keywords.

How To Write Reviews, The Proper Way

There are 2 types of reviews. The single review and the comparison review of similar products together so readers can easily make a decision.

Whatever products or services you choose to review make sure there is an affiliate program for them. It’s also a good idea to join that affiliate program because whether or not the product rated well, people occasionally still join the program and you may as well not leave money on the table. This also gives you user experience.

Steps to Doing a Product Review

Product Reviews On Internet

Doing reviews can sometimes take time to give quality and factual information, however, you as a super affiliate marketer, that you are, will go the extra mile because you want to help your visitors make decisions, which means more conversions.

Here are the steps:

Research the Product

To be an authority on your review, you need to prove to your visitors that your review is credible. Do as much research as possible prior to writing. A thorough research on your product knowledge in its development, progress, and competition makes you an authority of producing such an expert review.

Some places to go to do research:

  • Manufacturer’s website
  • Check out the product’s competition and look for values and flaws.
  • Consumer reports and Quorums
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Amazon consumer product reviews

Use the Product

The best way to get a user experience is to purchase and use the product or service (this is what I like to do) because it gives you the personal experience. This will give you a greater connection and engagement to your visitors because they will realize the review is genuine and see you can relate to what they are going through.

In some cases, it’s not always feasible financially to purchase the product especially if you are doing a review on say an exercise bike and you already have one in your basement.

Here’s what I do:

  • Go online and make the purchase anyway. 
  • Go to the retail store, try it out if possible and do the review on it there. If I am not able to try it out, I’ll purchase and test it at home.

Either way, if I don’t want to keep the product, I’ll sell it immediately on eBay. Sometimes, I can get my full money back, other times it’s just a small loss on the shipping.

Always take pictures and make a video to show your visitors you have used it. This gives you credibility and trust that you know the product.

Understanding Your Visitors

Get Help Here

There are many reasons why potential buyers read product and service reviews. They are looking for things that will solve their problems. As you use the products, think about the following questions that would stick in their minds.

1) Who is my targeted audience?

2) What are their problems?

3) What does the product promise to give? Is it easy to use, is it high quality?

4) How well does the product solve the problem? Does it do everything it promises? How does it work? The Pros and Cons.

5) Does the price reflect what the product does? Is it worth the price? Would you purchase the product?

6) What are other people’s experiences with the product?

7) What are the alternatives? Do they measure up?

If I missed any questions, go ahead and add more here.

Once you have collected your data, you are now ready to write your review. Think of your writing as being like an affirmation as you write unbiased, fair and balanced reviews. By balance, I mean having too many pros for instance and very little cons.

Making a Template – Review Outline


Review Template Outline

Once you have completed your comprehensive research, you are now ready to start writing the review. One of the easiest ways to start is from the use of a review template which you can quickly make up by using the example below. Keep in mind, not all reviews will be in this template format.

Having a Review Template will keep you more organized and focused in addition, having the same pattern shows consistency and control of your reviews to your repeat visitors.

Outline the structure for the product review in 3 main sections:

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Summary

Under each section, put bullet points in to help you stay focused and not make your template appear wordy.

The Introduction

  • A couple of short paragraphs outlining the problems and to introduce a possible solution for your visitor ( do not do this in detail).
  • Don’t forget to put your quality keyword in the first paragraph.

The Overview

  • Describe the promises of the product.
  • Describe how the product is used along with its value, effectiveness, and usefulness.  

The Summary

  • Almost the same as the introduction
  • Make a strong recommendation on the purchased product on behalf of your conclusion.

Review Template Examples

Who is your targeted audience? What is their problem?

Let’s say your niche website is losing belly fat, your targeted audience is people who want to lose weight, people who have fat around their belly. too much weight, too much fat, not enough exercise, not eating right and so on.

The problem is really how they feel, not how they look. It’s about how they feel about having belly fat on their body and how that affects their lives. Maybe they can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror, they don’t want to be in a crowd of people.

If you have had this problem, share with your readers your experiences of how you felt. Here is where it is important to show compassion and understanding for your visitors’ situation, their dilemma. They will want to engage with you when you share your real experiences. This gives them trust which will improve your sales.

If you don’t understand how your visitors are feeling about how they might be affected by this problem, you can also research it online. Make sure you take the extra effort to find out their feelings as this is your opening of communication. It’s like talking to them in person, face to face. Addressing the concerns means conversions.

The next thing you want to do is use emotive words like deliberately choosing words to bring out or arouse the visitor’s emotions to relate to what you are conveying.


Don’t say ‘Product A will solve your belly fat’ because the phrase is not expressing the problem.

Instead, bring out the feelings like ‘Is belly fat ruining your social life? Don’t want to see yourself in the mirror or even be at the beach? There IS a SOLUTION to your plight’.

What Does the Product Promise (find this during your product review and simply summarize your findings)

Does the product promise to reduce belly fat? Does it work faster? How efficient is using the product based on the cost of purchase?  

How well does the product solve the problem? Does it do everything it promises? How does it work? (again, this is based on your product research)

Visitors look for important information results. This means not giving information about how it’s packaged, or how you actually use the exercise bike or what it’s made out of. You can put it in if you think the visitor will really want to know.  

Take note that no product or services are perfect. Don’t make the review one-sided. Doing this will not look like a genuine review. making it appear more biased.

You need to have it balanced and fair and so to do this, you write up the pros and cons (what you liked and didn’t like about the product).  When talking about the cons, its best, in my opinion, to avoid the negative statements and use words like ‘although I’d much prefer a slightly lighter weight exercise bike…’ or ‘although the bike lacks stability…’ and then finish on an interesting positive note.

When you’re done this part, make a firm conclusion, a value statement.

Example: Let’s say you are doing a comparison of 2 similar products. You can say  ‘While Product A and B both help in belly fat loss in 30 days, Product B wins our ‘best value’ award priced at $40.00 less’.

If you’re writing a single product review, you can say ‘Product A would be a greater value even if it was at twice the price, but at this price, it can’t be beat’.

Want Better Conversions?

Conversions Made Sales Online

One of the better ways to get visitor conversions on a product or service review is through images because now they can what it looks like. Usage of YouTube videos is excellent because Google happens to own YouTube which means conversions.

You can get great testimonials or ask for permission from the merchant’s website and they will be more than happy to accommodate you especially if the product review is favorable.

In my opinion, anything you write about and reviews are no different, if you make it conversational like you’re talking to a family member or friend about the product you found and like.

If the writing is readable and engaging, your visitors will feel very comfortable. Avoid the techy and complicated words. By doing this, you will also enjoy writing and it will become easier to write.

Remember having a friendly attitude will help you increase your sales faster.

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I hope I gave you helpful information and if you have any questions or comments, it would be AWESOME to hear from you. 

Thank you for reading,



  1. Hey, thanks for the thorough walk-through, Monica!
    That was really well-written and a good review on article-writing for me.
    Copy-writing is something that I’ve been trying to get better at since I started my marketing journey. What you said about writing towards the reader’s feelings instead of factual statements is 100% spot-on.
    As far as buying a product to try before writing a review, I actually read somewhere that a lot of marketers are buying the products and then flipping them on Ebay for the same price so there isn’t a net loss. This way, you can actually have the product with you and potentially have a video review done.


    1. Hey Wilson, thank you for your great comment. I’m glad you brought up eBay, I thought I had that written in because I actually do sell the products there after I review and make my video. I have it in there now. Whew, thank you.

      Best Wishes,


  2. I really enjoyed reading your review Monica. After reading this post, I feel I can construct my future reviews even better to help my readers who visit my site.

    I really liked how you emphasized offering an unbiased and personal review — as I think this can greatly increase conversions and trust when you go about it that way.

    Between doing research, planing out your review, and writing it — how long would you say an average product review takes you to do?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the article and found it helpful.

      I like to make my thoughts unbiased and the information has to come from the heart and so the best way I find is to use the product. 

      Great question, it takes me about 2 days on average to research and write a a product review. 

      Best wishes on your future reviews.


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