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Best LEGIT Ways to Make Money Online at Home

There are lots of ways to make money online and the best way to do this is to have an online business, The problem is, there are also lots of scammers in the internet world who promise you an overnight success to retirement while stealth fully taking your hard earned money. It’s important to get the best legitimate ways to make money online at home.

It’s already a known fact that according to, they say about 96% of Americans who have internet access have made purchases online at some point in their busy lives.

6 Great Ways to Make Money Online 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Cycle

This happens to be my favourite way of making great income and it’s what I do all the time. It’s where you get to promote brand name products and or services.

Merchants who have affiliate programs give you an affiliate tracking link and all you have to do is promote them using their ad banners onto your blog posts and promote them thru social media and search engine browsers like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The benefits are huge:

  •   No inventory to carry.
  •   Opportunity to earn excellent recurring commissions thru one time sales.

I strongly recommend you have a computer and a profitable niche market on your website. Now a days, brand name product merchants will likely not approve you without having a well-designed website and readable and helpful content.

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2. eCommerce Website

eCommerce Concept

It seems people are really not self-sufficient and we never will be.  For centuries, people have been exchanging products and services, buying and selling.

Demand for better products and services keep growing. People are just too busy to go to malls to shop so they search online to brand name stores and do their researches, select  what is going to help them and make their purchases online.

When people go online shopping and buy, this is called online shopping.

eCommerce is simply the process of online businesses in the internet world also known as e-Business (electronic business) where you sell brand name products and services, transfer data and funds electronically between you and the merchant.  

The best way to do this is to become an afilliate marketer with your own website. You write helpful blogs on your site and share socially thru subscriber based emails, establish real connections on social media promoting products and services via Google Adwords and affiliate marketing (see above).

  •   This can give you a steady stream of income. 

The best ways of doing this is to become an affiliate marketer and promote products from some of the top eCommerce websites like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba and  Taobao.

3. Blogger


Everyone has something they are passionate about, something they can’t stop talking about because they have the knowledge and skill on a certain interest or hobby.  I’m sure you are already helping people or people come to you for your expert advice. Your personal passion of that knowledge is your niche.

Why not use your niche and help people online anywhere in the world?

To make money with your blog, it’s best to have a website. First, make sure there is enough interest in your niche and one that you can make decent income in a proven marketplace.

Define your target market. Next you will want to have a website to generate traffic, write lots of quality blogs which won’t be difficult because you already are an expert in your niche.

  •  Examples of specific niches are football snack helmets and scuba diving for          beginners
  • You can definitely earn a great income being a blogger.

Being a blogger AND a niche affiliate marketer, you have a great opportunity promoting your niche using your blogs. This is what I have done in my website and the rewards are impressive.

Want to find affiliates in your niche you can promote? Go ahead and enter into your search browser your niche with +affiliate. For example…

Find Affiliate Program

4. E-Book – Online Publishing

Laptop With Ebooks

You might be passionate about writing. We all have something we want to share and help people with.

Why not sell your eBooks on your own website by writing a blog and keep all the profits to yourself or you can go to platforms like and let them promote it.

You can create eBooks/Guides like travelling to Galapagos where you talk about accommodations, best times to go, food, scuba diving, culture and history, how to get there, etc. Break it down into further eBooks like Accommodations and lodging ebooks, food and culinary ebooks. It can be on coaching tips and advice.

Many websites offer free ebooks to get return traffic by getting their email addresses to encourage them to want more information and when you deliver, this makes you an authority, and helps to build trust with your targeted audience.  

eBooks are a great way to earn passive income.

5. Online Surveys

Online Surveys

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Brand name corporations hire survey companies who in turn seek your opinions on products and services to do market researches.

Online surveys are also one of the easiest ways to get scammed online. If they ask you to pay upfront that is a scam. If they say there is no hard work and you can be a millionaire overnight that site is a scam. The people who own these sites (you will never know who they really are) only want your money.

Successful companies did not make instant money overnight and they certainly didn’t do it in 6 months. Any real business takes hard work to earn favourable profits so they can reap their rewards down the road.

The good part with online surveys, there is no website necessary. You put in whatever hours you want although some survey companies will want you to spend a certain minimum amount of time giving your opinions for a variety of merchants and your return can often times be very little. Sometimes you end up with free products in exchange for cash.

  •   Earnings can be $5.00 to $10.00 or more.

This is not my favourite way to make money online but it is an option for you to consider.

6. Online Freelancing

Online Freelance

If writing comes naturally for you, freelancing can give a lucrative income.

Many affiliate marketers and brand name companies are hiring people to write promoting their products and services.  With billions of people world wide going online to search for something that will solve their problems, they can get more exposure by hiring you to write good content and answer consumer questions.

When people search online and find something they are interested in they will keep reading to the end and as long as you get your reader to take action, you now have a conversion.

Companies are turning to outside sources for specific assignments, and as long as you can prove your writing power you are definitely going to get more work.

You can even offer your data entry skills.

If you decide this is what you want to do, you will need a computer, internet and the ability to communicate with the target audience.

Another thing to consider is if you are already writing eBooks, you might consider offering your services to niche brand affiliates.

Start Your Online Business Today

Everything I have talked about here, you can definitely be making income thru the internet, but the real problem is many people don’t know how to build their money making online business successfully.

The first place would be to start with your passion, your niche. Next, you define who your target audience is based on this niche. You must be able to help them with your niche and do your niche research to see if there is enough demand for it in the market place.

The next step is to have a foundation, a solid one, and this is going to be your website.

Your website needs to have a design, content and traffic. Without traffic you are not going to make any money.  There is always competition so you need your target audience to find you in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This means being on page 1 in the search browsers. 

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