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How To Write a Great About Me Page That Stands Out From The Crowd!

Standing OutMost visitors, in fact, a majority of visitors want to know more about you before buying something online.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to write a great About Me page that will really stand out from the crowd.

Quite honestly, would you give out your personal information like your credit card, your email address, and phone number to someone you have no idea how credible they are?

An About Me page connects us with our readers. They get to know your story and understand why you want to help them. This is your opportunity to capture them with who you are, your passions and why you stand out from other people with similar niche.

What’s the first step we do when we read an interesting blog post? You want to commit to making a purchase. Before we do that, we want to know about the person or organization. Can we trust them? I often find myself going to their About Page first because I want to get to know them first.

Tips on Your About Me Page

Here are some great practices to use:

Connecting With People1) Shine your personality.

Be you and be natural. Write like you talk to a friend. Don’t use words that you don’t use, in other words, avoid the fancy professional jargon. It doesn’t sound real.

If you like to use the word ‘hey’, then use it

“Hey everyone, welcome to my site!”

This sounds like a warming invitation than ‘Hello everyone’.

2) Get the readers attention.

Your first paragraph is the most important. Whatever you write here, remember… you only have a few seconds to maintain your reader’s attention. Share your reason why you created the site. Let your target customer know you are the answers to their problems. You have the ability, and the know-how to fix it!

“My name is Monica. I’m an internet marketer. I enjoy helping people reach their goal of retirement by showing them how to make residual income online.”

Don’t forget to put a smiling picture of you! You want to make this page exciting and get them feeling comfortable and create a sense of trust!

3) Talk about them, not about you!

Helping HandWhile we’re talking about the About Me page and most definitely you should be talking about your story… how it was before, what it’s  like now, and why you’re here. You need to keep all this to a minimum, in other words, don’t go on and on about you.  

Give them information on how you can help them, what they can get from you as a result of your story.

Here’s a rule of thumb to remember:

For every “I” you put in your about me page, add 2 “You’s”

4) Put a Call To Action.

You got them all excited about coming to your About Me page and you provided solutions, don’t let them leave without following the next step you want them to take. You don’t want them just reading your About Me page and letting them get out of your site. That would be a terrible waste, especially after you got them interested in your blog post… your About Me page!

In your About Me page make it as  ‘what’s in it for them’. Make them feel important, show that you care. Offer them something they can use that will help them like giving them free lessons, etc. They also need to know how to contact you in case they have questions and more want information. All this can go into your Call to Action.

For example:

Take them to your sales page. Links to your other posts.  Offer them a subscription, you will give them a free ebook or free samples.  Never let them leave without an offer of some kind. Get them to take action.

Want to see your sales grow? 

  1. Get to know your target audience. Get to know and understand their problems. They have a reason why they found you in the first place.
  2. Who are you? Show them!
  3. Show how you can help them solve their problems and how you helped others. Give them values and benefits.
  4. Get them to trust you. People want to connect with real people.
  5. Add a smiling photo of you and even a video or two.
  6. Give them something they can take, like free information or product.
  7. Always have a tempting call to action at the end.
  8. Always be you!

Remember, you’re here to help them.

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