Tired Working For Someone Else

Everyday of the week, people go through the same routine of getting up at the wee hours of the morning, grab some coffee, drive through traffic, work the 8+ hours, make their way home through traffic again….does this sound like you? Maybe you have to wear a suit and tie, you have 2 jobs, still have to pick up your kids on the way home from work…

Ok… so you’re tired working for someone else, what ARE you going to do?

Here are 5 things that make us feel like we’re just not getting anywhere in our corporate world!

Tired Working For Someone Else
Feel like you’re not been appreciated?

1) Feel we’re not being appreciated. Take us for granted. They ask us to work longer…sure we get the overtime and sometimes we need to have the extra income. You let your sitter know, or you bail out on your kid’s hockey game, let your spouse know…. And then your boss asks you again to stay longer because it’s important a document needs to be completed…

2) You don’t get a thank you and someone else takes credit. You worked overtime, sacrificed your family time working on a huge project putting numbers together and the company gets awarded the 10 year contract. Your boss gets taken out for supper and an all paid trip to Disney with his family. Not one person came up to you and said ‘great job….’.

3) No job security. Heck, in this day and age, is there really such a thing as having job security? Your buddies at work are getting laid off and they’ve been working for this company longer than you have. Of course, we have the uncertainty with our government and their budgets….

4) No respect, political games. You do everything you’re supposed to do and much more… someone else in the corporation tells you, you’re not doing enough, you’re doing the work incorrectly…maybe they don’t even talk to you, they don’t acknowledge you, they just take over the work area and make your day miserable…

5) Feel like you’re living someone else’s dream. Your boss is talking about retirement, and the people higher up are too …you’ve been working for this corporation longer than they have. Sometimes you hear some of your fellow employees say ‘they’re livin the dream’ and you realize it’s only a cliché…

I know people who are in a rut, who are going to stay in a rut, why? I’ll tell you why – simply because they don’t use their ability to make changes.

It’s all about choices we make in life!

Do you have a dream? Sure, everybody does… but you keep putting it on the shelf, why??

Maybe you want to:

  • be your own boss, be an entrepreneur and have your own business

One of the most freeing things you can do for yourself is being an entrepreneur. You take control of your own destiny and it takes you on a very special path of personal development and growth that nothing else could. You put your own stake in the ground!

Before you do this, let me give you a couple of tips:

  • Just because you’re tired of your job doesn’t mean you should be an entrepreneur.
  • Do an assessment of yourself, what are you good at…what are your skills….are you finding lots of people with your same interest, do they appreciate your skills and knowledge and will they pay for them.
  • Keep your job while you do some research online and talk to your friends and family for advice.

Your way out!

More and more people are leaving the corporate world and going into the online world. Why?

  • They know people are spending more time on the computer researching and shopping online…this is fast becoming the trend and the numbers will increase more each year. Even the young people already with the computer skills are putting their claim in.
  • It’s still hard work to get your business rolling online but you’re already used to working hard and putting the time in…but down the road, you will have a very successful business online and it’s all yours to reap and sow the harvest…
  • Building an online presence is very easy for the newbies… hey…that’s me! (Let me get you a website in 5 minutes…!)
  • Having your own online business has never been so easy. All you need is your laptop, internet and a passion to succeed. By the way, you can run your online business anywhere in the world as long as you have these 3 ingredients. No inventory to carry…wow, how cool is that!!

The BEST place to go forward and get the full get started training to learn about earning money online is in Wealthy Affiliate ($0 and full website included). If you don’t have a niche…no worries, I can help you on that too!!

I will be in Wealthy Affiliate to help you and you can contact me personally via my profile.



  1. Hi Monica, this post is so very well written! I can’t tell you how many times I have given up things in my life to make the company I work for stronger. Very few thank you’s if any! I have done days of work to come to completion and someone else got all of the credit! This was what I put up with for 25 years, I am retired now, thank goodness! Thank you for a wonderful post! Wishing you much success! Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      You’re very welcome! Thank you for your comment! I wrote this because of my experiences working with some large corporations, my bosses spent most of their time golfing, fishing and making trips down south. I would get phone calls from them to see when the paperwork on a project would be done and when I finished it before the deadline, they got the credit and received a bonus…lol.. I understand where you’re at…good for you! Like you, I’m retired now too and life is good!

      Thank you Linda! All the best to you!!

  2. I have a lot in common with this post especially with the not feeling appreciated at the jobs we work.

    For three years I had a range of dead end jobs and could never keep them for more than four months due to the demand going down resulting in me being let go.

    The lack of job security is one of the reasons I took up working online because now I can only loose out if I don’t work. Reliant on my own efforts.

    I think it’s better to work full-time online under the status of being Self-employed than relying on employment because the job markets are too unstable and not offering much in relation to wages.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your comment! I understand totally how you feel especially on the job security. I’m a health and safety advisor by trade and there have been lots of job layoffs in Alberta, Canada… the reason why I also decided to have my own online business. I agree with you, being Self-employed is much better and more rewarding. Best to you!

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