How to Sell and Make Money

“Interested in learning how to sell and make money?  Let me help!”

To make any kind of profit and sales, you have to have customers and visitors and most importantly they need to purchase your product(s) and services.

To close a sale, you need to HELP your customers and visitors solve their need or problem…this is first!!

All makes sense, right?  But here’s what often happens:

  • We jump into online business without having a marketing plan.
  • We don’t know who our target audience is.
  • We don’t know why people would want to buy our products and services.
  • We take things for granted thinking we know what our customers want…do we really know?

‘Understanding the concept behind customer comprehension!’

It’s much easier to sell and make handsome profits when you understand the steps of how customers buy products and services.

Some already know what they what to buy, where to go to buy it and how….maybe they purchased the products before and so they’re already familiar with the vendor’s process of buying…their decision to purchase is made instantly.

Perhaps the customer has made a decision to try something new, and has seen similar product in a magazine, on TV, social media, has seen a friend use, etc…the majority of the people are here in this stage.

When it comes to putting money down, and the purchase may be either a long or short term investment, perhaps it’s their first time purchasing online, etc. you need to understand the customer and visitor’s purchasing process.

Majority of the customers and visitors:

  • rarely purchase from the first site of their first product contact
  • will go to several other sites, newsletters, converse with friend socially, etc. before making a decision to purchase
  • need to trust who they’re purchasing from
  • will pay to solve their needs/ problems
  • will check reviews and product information, look for scams on the product and services of your site and other sites
  • will be turned off by scammy promotions

Online businesses need to be treated as a real business because it is!  That means taking the time to do market research, and knowing who your competitors are, their products and services.

Successful businesses:

  • have great customer service
  • solve customer concerns/ needs
  • have total marketing online presence
  • build trust
  • revolve around content
  • pay attention
  • exchange value

“Why you need to have a website”

Every business no matter how small, should have a website a ‘total marketing online presence’.  It should look professional and have relevant content in it so that your customers and visitors know you’re serious about your business.  As you know there’s very little that can’t be sold on the internet these day. With millions and millions of people searching on the internet… you get 10 seconds…one shot to make a great impression.

More benefits:

  • establish credibility…you have positioned yourself to those who are looking to solve their needs
  • ability to compete with the big boys
  • a place to establish trust
  • keeps your customers and visitors informed and educated on current information
  • your business is always accessible
  • can save you money and time
  • ability to target a wider market
  • way to improve your customer service
  • showcase your products and services

If you’re looking for a place to create a great looking professional website or you already have one but want to have control over your site….want tutorials, lessons, guides from web experts from all over the world, check out Wealthy Affiliate!

“3 Important Stages – Customer Purchase Lifecycle”

When customers and visitors have a need or desire either to purchase or out of curiosity, they will typically surf the internet looking for information on the product and services, do some research, some comparisons and finally make a decision.

These stages will give you an understanding of what you need to incorporate into your online business.

research-decision-purchase stages image alt text
This is research-decision-purchase stages image.







1.  Research Stage:

There are spontaneous buyers who buy immediately…they know what they want, where to go and buy on the spot.  The majority of us like to learn first before buying.  We read magazines, ask friends, Facebook, Twitters, emails, do Google searches, check out reviews on product and services on the internet.

Screen shot looking for information on Google jpeg




Best Approach in this stage:

  • get people on a mailing list
  • they can follow you on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+
  • may not purchase from you at this stage, but you can work towards guiding them to your content
  • they may remember when they have that need, something that needs to be solved and come back to your site at a later date
  • they might even pass you on to someone they know that needs your product/service

2.  Decision Stage

Some customers and visitors may have already decided what they want to purchase.

Most however, will go through this decision process of checking reviews, doing comparisons to find what best suits and solves their needs.

decision (2) arrow image jpeg


You want to have all your marketing tools, proper readable content and relatable images before your customer and visitors come to your website.  This is the stage where you need to have all your marketing tools in order.

Your customers and visitors are going to be looking for you to:

  • persuade them with valuable content information on reviews, personalized opinions, proofs, comparisons, etc. that your product and service is the best for them.
  • show them your products, showcase your products, how your services work, how it solves their needs.


  • Use google to research, tweets, facebook, blogs by asking questions, is it a scam, etc, ask by sending emails to friends

Best Approach At This Stage:

  • Typical keywords here are reviews, comparisons, scams, information, versus (one product compared to another similar ).
  • You want to do reviews, comparisons, scam checks…what is the customer looking for?
  • Negative reviews are good too and you can take advantage of that…they’re always around.
  • Most likely to purchase here as long as they get the information they are looking for to solve their need and as long as they have trust based on your review.

3,  Purchasing Stage

This is where the ACTION takes place!

Your customer or visitor has already made a decision.  Now, as you know, a sale is not a sale until the money has exchanged hands.   In order for you to make a commission, a profit…there is no sale until you have received payment!  This person needs to become a customer to complete this lifecycle. They have done everything they wanted to do in terms of research, and now they’re ready to purchase.

Image of money changing hands alt text
Image of money changing hands caption

Best Approach At This Stage:

This is your ABSOLUTE GOAL … to make money!

No matter which stage your customers and visitors are at, this stage is ultimately where you want them to be.


If you use keywords like ‘buy’….then send them to your affiliate link. You will very likely get this person as your customer!!

“How Well Do You Really Understand Your Customer?”

In other words, how well do you know your niche?

Can you say YES to these questions?

  • Do you understand why you chose your niche?
  • Do you really know your niche?
  • What are you really solving, do you understand the problems you’re solving? What is the main reason why visitor would want to come to your site? What are they looking for?
  • Are you really solving the problems
  • Do you read up on your niche? Keep current?
  • Can you effectively communicate with other people with similar niche?
  • Can you come up with your own pros and cons for every visitor needs on your product/ service?

If you have any NOs you need to do more digging, get more info, more research. Use the Why, How, When, What tool to help you. You need to understand and know who your customer is, what is the problem they’re trying to fix?

Visualize yourself as the visitor, you know what you’re looking for, how soon do you need to solve this, etc….go thru each page and post, do a walk thorough. Get a friend to walk thru….

Ok folks, this is all the information I have for you.  Getting an online business is hard work but in the end, you’ll find it’s worth your time…you want to do things right the first time!

I hope all the information helps and please let me know if you have any questions, any feed back would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear from you!  I can be reached in Wealthy Affiliate here …it’s where I do all my work!  

Do you need help in starting a successful online business?   Come and see what I offer!


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  1. Hi Admin, you really seem to understand the life cycle of a consumer purchase and you have all the information. Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Dan, you’re welcome and thank you for your comment!

      I think it’s really important to understand the stages a consumer goes through.

      Knowing the information here can safe a lot of grief for entrepreneurs.


  2. Hi,
    On reading your piece first, I thought it was about how to sell money and how to make money, so I was curious. Happily it was about how to sell and make money from it. I think next time you must be very careful how you choose your titles in order to avoid any ambiguity. The piece is generally well-written, with short paragraphs and subtitles which make it easy to read. Like my pieces, it is a bit long though.

    Congrats for this piece.

    1. Hi Akoli, thank you for your comment! I see what you’re saying….I appreciate your advice and will be more careful on the wording of my titles.

      When I start writing, I find myself wrapped into the content and find there’s a lot of information I want to share…

      Thanks Akoli!

      Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Allan,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I agree…I just get carried away when I want to share information.

      Kind Regards,

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