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Call To Action Button ExamplesDid you know according to Small Business B2B Call To Action Study, 70% of small businesses do not have clear calls to action in their pages and posts on their website?

This is a disaster! It could lead to huge amounts of lost revenues. Your visitors need to clearly know what action you want them to take after reading your post.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create the perfect Call-to-Action! First, let’s talk about what it really means…

What does a Call to Action mean?

It’s also commonly known by it’s abbreviated term CTA. It can be a line of text or an image that guides your visitors and customers to take a certain action. It’s the action you want people to take after they’ve read your content.

The point with CTAs is you don’t want a weak ‘call’ that will run out of steam. That’s a waste of your awesome content!

It needs to be a clear call and you can place it:

  • in your email.
  • at the end of your page or blog post.
  • in your video
  • anywhere on your site.

Examples of the kind of action you want people to take:

  • Sign-up for a course – training, webinar
  • Download a free ebook
  • FREE training

The CTA must be meaningful and effective to entice people to take the action you present to them in your content.

The Guide to A Perfect CTA!

 1) Captivating Eye Appealing Design.

Is your CTA noticeable? Your readers need to know its existence.

To avoid letting it get lost in your content…

  • Use contrasting colors different from your website colors
  • Make it bigger to be noticed (225 px wide x 45 px high)
  • Outline it

2) Write Your CTA Copy to Get Your Readers Clicking.

Do you remember the marketing principle? What’s in it for me (readers)? They focus on the words. People who are looking for information look for texts… not images. To get people’s attention, it’s important to use action verbs.

You’re not encouraging people to take action if verbs are not used.  Successful calls to action mean having them   clear and specific. Tell them exactly what you want and how. Conversions will be negatively impacted not doing this.

Here are some great action verbs to focus on:

  • Download
  • Subscribe
  • Buy
  • Share
  • Sign-up
  • Click here for your
  • Share

3) Use Numbers for your CTA.

People like to know what they’re getting before they make a commitment. When they come to your site, they’re already looking for something that will satisfy their needs… why not wet their appetite by telling them what they’re getting when they click.

By using numbers and relevant information, you show your credibility. Your offer becomes more meaningful.

A great way to be specific with what you offer is:

  • Tell them what they’re getting … ’10 FREE Lessons’
  • How long the offer is for … ’30 days’
  • How much of it will they get … ‘create your own website under 30 seconds’
  • When will they get it … now, immediately, no more waiting
  • Page length … ‘5 pages of’
  • List the benefits … freedom
  • A specific discount … ‘get 15% off now when you sign up in your’


‘Get the #1 choice for people all over the world to create successful businesses. Join the 580,000+ of the world’s     largest Internet Marketing community.’ Does this not give you the feeling of a people unity?’. This is one of Wealthy Affiliates call-to-action. 


Call To Action Wealthy Affiliate

4) Insinuate Exclusivity to your CTA.

Do you find yourself wanting something you don’t have? The feeling of missing out on something seems unbearable. Some people want to belong to a special group, a community or similar.

Want some examples of exclusivity?

·      It’s only available to

·      Members-only will get

·      Pre-register for your

5) Clickable CTA.

Your Call to Action needs the website, standard clickability. It can be in the form of:

  • a link located at the bottom of your page to go to another post.
  • a link in your Social Media asking them to connect to one of your pages.
  • text link (usually underlined otherwise it will be the standard blue link.)

6) Short and Sweet CTA Makes it Uncomplicated. 

If your CTA is too long, readers may become distracted, their thoughts may wander and before you know it they left your site. It should be short and again, the message clear. Leave no uncertainty, no doubt as to what you want your readers to do. I suggest no more than 5 – 15 words.

Did you know that CTA clickable buttons get the most responses? It’s easy and we know exactly where to place our finger. We’re conditioned to click, hover our mouse over that and simply, click that button.

7) Create a Sense of CTA Urgency – Shortness. 

The thought of ‘I’ll get to it later’ is not what you want your readers thinking about your website. Chances are they won’t be back.

Creating a sense of urgency is a compelling way to communicate to your readers to take action immediately. The sooner they make a decision the better…!

Just a word of caution: Don’t make the urgency noticeable – do it discretely. It’s vital to give them the feeling that taking the action will be easy and the action will happen quickly.

Choose words like:

  • Now
  • Before
  • Ends
  • Today
  • Last chance

Use phrases like:

  • ‘create your FREE website now’
  • ‘click now to get your ebook’
  • ‘check in now before the sale ends in 3 days at midnight’
  • ‘offer ends on (date)’

8) Present CTA in Personal and Conversing Manner.

Your CTA needs to about your readers. Present your CTA in a personal manner as if you are talking to them one on one. Let them know you’re here to help them.


  • when you communicate about them, use ‘you’
  • when you want to stimulate the possession feeling when your readers take the action use for example, ‘End My Debt Stress’ button.

9) Click Triggers – Give Your CTA a Nudge.

Think of a click trigger as being a nudge. It’s a small poke next to your CTA to further convince your reader. If you find your 5 – 15 words of information requires a boost give this a try. Readers often times feel apprehension, objections, and anxieties can overwhelm them to click the action button. A strong click trigger can lead to conversions.


  • Star Ratings
  • Guarantee
  • Review, testimonial
  • A clue, a snippet of what happens after the reader clicks

Hey, thanks for reading this! 

See for yourself why people all over the world choose the #1 largest Internet Marketing community! Create your FREE website in 30 seconds NOW – and start your 10 FREE lessons!

I really would like to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please put them below. I promise I will get back to you right away!



  1. Great post I always try to use a CTA in every post, I put mine right at the end. Definitely some good information, good review more, but I also learned something new that I can apply to my posts. What has been the most successful way to create a CTA that has worked for you?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your great comment! Great question too!

      What’s really worked well for me is using a combination of :

      really good action verbs, numbers, keeping it short and sweet, sense of urgency,and a line of text, sometimes, I will use a simple image

      Example: ‘download now to get your 10 FREE lessons’

      I hope this helps in answer to your question. I’m happy to hear you got value here… what was the new CTA you learned? Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Best to you on your site!


  2. This is a very good article explaining the intricacies of effective call to action items. I like the part about subconscious urgency in regards to how you write the call to action. Very smart way to process the request. Many times readers get turned off by plenty of additional ads, the words on screen help a great deal.

    1. Hi Will,

      Thank you for your great comment! That subconscious urgency is how I sometimes will click the CTA button especially the ‘Last chance’ because I think I won’t see it again. Does it meet my needs, yes … I will quickly check reviews and boom…in a matter of minutes go for it. It’s physiological…

      I agree, seeing too many CTA ads can be confusing and overwhelming. People like simplicity and don’t have time figuring it out. It can also make the site appear like a scam.

      Thanks again Will!



  3. Thanks for the in sight to the Call To Action! I see areas there that will be very helpful for me. Doing it the right way to get people to take action is very important and all that hard work of writing makes it all worthwhile. Also want to say that building a website with Wealthy affiliate is one of the best ways to make money online with the least initial investment. I’m there also as a member, I can say that the life changing training is priceless on WA to build a successfull affiliate business. WA is one of the best opportunities to sell anything of your passion for free! Creating an affiliate marketing business is the best way to earn auto pilot recurring revenue online! Awesome review of a fantastic affiliate program. Cheers!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear you found areas here very helpful. You’re absolutely right on the importance of creating the perfect call-to-action. We can have the best content but it would be a shame not to get our readers to take the action of why we created the content.

      Wonderful to know you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate! I’ll look for you there. If there is anything more I can help you with, please let me know.



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